Local Organisations

Aireborough Civic Society – A society which aims to preserve the local heritage of Aireborough, ensure greater democratic planning of building projects and to promote civic pride within the area.

Aireborough Historical Society – Founded in 1957, the Aireborough Historical Society records and preserves the history of Aireborough. A fascinating society, a visit to their site is highly recommended.

Aireborough Voice – Aireborough Voice seeks to take advantage of new regulations regarding localism, drawing up a neighbourhood development plan, listing community assets, and taking advantage of the community right to bid. Membership is open to anyone who lives, or works, or does business in the area.

Billing View Community Group – Seeking to represent and promote the interests of all residents living in the Billing View Sheltered Housing Complex, as well as those residents living in the bungalows at Larkfield Mount numbered between 1 to 28, the Billing View Community Group is a great community to get involved with.

Rawdon Parish Council – Formed in November 2012 and with an electorate of 5721, Rawdon Parish Council is involved with local planning as well as possessing a budget to give out community grants.

Nextdoor Rawdon – A British social network for local communities which has a simple aim: to help people make the most of where they live by connecting individuals and families with their neighbours, enabling sharing of practical information, advice and resources.


St. John’s Yeadon – A friendly, informal Church made up of people of all ages and backgrounds, with something for everyone.

St. Peter’s Rawdon – A community based church where everyone and anyone is welcomed. The vicar is Revd. Mark Smith, and services are held every Sunday.

Trinity Rawdon – The Church of Trinity Rawdon is very active in all community areas; lunch for those who normally eat alone and an after school ‘drop-in’ for students who wish to relax and study in a peaceful and friendly environment.

Medical Services and Centres

NHS Choices 

Aireborough Family Practice 

Rawdon Surgery 

Yeadon Health Centre 

Yeadon Tarn Medical Practice 

Police and Neighbourhood Watch

West Yorkshire Police – For non emergencies remember to call 101 and for emergenices: 999. West Yorkshire Police aims to put the community first in all matters and the site is very useful to report crimes, get involved with volunteering and identify CCTV suspects caught on camera.

Yeadon and Rawdon Neighbourhood Watch – Established in 1985, Currently Yeadon and Rawdon Neighbourhood Watch (YARN) have over 200 watches, and increasing, serving over 4900 of the 7350 homes in Yeadon and Rawdon. The aim of the association is to promote the good citizenship and greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime in the West Yorkshire Police area of Yeadon, Rawdon and the surrounding area. YARN holds a meeting on the third Monday of each month at LA Leisure, Yeadon starting at 7.30PM. All are welcome.

Planning and Conservation

Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum – The purpose of the Aireborough Forum is to support the regeneration and sustainable development of the Aireborough Neighbourhood Area. The aim is to facilitate collaboration between the Area’s stakeholders in order to evaluate, plan, and implement initiatives to improve the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of the people who live, work or do substantial business in the Aireborough Neighbourhood Area.

Leeds Site Allocation Plan – The Site Allocations Plan will identify sites to ensure that sufficient land is available in appropriate locations to meet the growth targets set out in the Core Strategy. The Plan is a key document in the Local Plan (or Local Development Framework) for Leeds in identifying specific allocations for housing, employment, retail and greenspace from 2012 to 2028.

Little London Conservation Area – An online PDF appraisal and management plan focusing on the history and conservation of Little London.

Proposed Nether Yeadon Conservation Area – An online PDF appraisal and management plan highlighting the history and proposed methods of conserving the Nether Yeadon area.

Rawdon Cragg Wood Conservation Area – An online appraisal and management plan detailing the history and methods of conserving the Rawdon Cragg area.

Rawdon Littlemoor Conservation Area – An online PDF appraisal and management plan detailing the history and methods of conserving the Rawdon Littlemoor area.

Rawdon Low Green Conservation Area – An online PDF appraisal and management plan detailing the history and methods of conserving the Rawdon low Green area.

Wharfedale and Airedale Review Development – Wharfedale and Airedale Review Development (WARD) is a spatial planning community network. It has been set up to facilitate the expression of common concerns and interests with spatial planning, amongst the many community organisations, residents associations, parish and town councils in the Dales of the Mid-Aire and Lower-Wharfe. WARD’s ultimate aim is to preserve the natural beauty and heritage of our part of Yorkshire for current and future generations; and to protect the local communities, urban and rural, from harmful development.

Yeadon Conservation Area – Online PDF appraisal and management plan highlighting the history of Yeadon, the features that contribute to it’s distinctiveness and opportunities for its protection and enhancement.

City Council and Government

Leeds City Council – An online place to compliment or complain to the council, find out about elections and voting, make a planning application, register for Council Tax e-billing and to check your bin day, amongst a whole host of other options and actions.

Voter Registration – Official Government website where you can register to vote and update your name, address or other details on the electoral register. Registering takes approximately 5 minutes.